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My name is Justin Collins and I am an experienced tutor. If I’ve learned anything in my last five years of tutoring, it’s that every student is different. Some students just want to get the homework done and need help facing psychological barriers with math. Other students are very curious and want to really get to the bottom of why certain formulas work the way they do.

I am a chef. A good cook always thinks about their type of customer and what they would enjoy eating the most. They will offer thoughtful suggestions for those new to the menu but will never shove the meal down the customer’s throat. A master chef will always take everything the customer says as a valuable gem that can guide the chef into offering the best meal possible for the customer.

My job as a tutor (I lied about the chef part, I just love to use analogies) is to understand my students in every way I can, and with lots of background knowledge and experience, I can serve them an experience that will be the best fit to their individual needs.

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Math: K-12, calculus 1-3, SAT math, NOT college level statistics. I’m also open to helping with higher levels of math as well though I have less experience tutoring them.

Physics: Highschool, 1st year of college physics (at UW this is Phys 121-123). I’m open to helping with higher level physics as well.

Astronomy: Highschool, College

Micro Economics: Highschool, College

Chemistry: Highschool, College

Debate and Public Speaking: Introductory, intermediate level

Python Coding: Introductory level


I am currently located in Shoreline and am available to travel. I also like to tutor at the UW Seattle campus as well. I can also tutor online.


From Monday through Wednesday I typically tutor near Shoreline whereas from Thursday till Sunday I tutor at the University of Washington. I will likely not accept tutoring on Saturdays. Here is my current schedule of tutoring appointments: Schedule

Tutoring via text/email:

I’ve designed a system for tutoring over text. Which is easier for all of us to access than driving around and finding times to meet. click on UbiTutor: UbiTutor


Please click on and read the following agreement to learn about the expectations for the student and payment information. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. Here is the Agreement


Email: justintc217@gmail.com
Text: 425-361-9499

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